There is not just one online game that can pay you the most. If you deploy the right strategy, even a simple game, such as Bingo, can make you rich. And by the way, games alone don't make you wealthy; you also need to have the right bonuses! We start with online slots, one of the easiest games on any casino. Many people start their gambling journey by playing slots. These games perform the same way as on land-based casinos. However, you play online slots on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The basic rule is simple: land the slot symbols on the reels in a particular order, and score big! There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video.

Slots and Roulette

Classic slots have a pretty straightforward game-play. These games are marked by bells, whistles, candies, etc. While these games are remarkably simple, some classic slots have become online gambling sensations. For example, 777, and Total Overdrive have paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to the winners. Video slots, on the on the other hand, are somewhat more complicated, and have more rules. This hasn't deterred millions of gamblers from trying out these amazing online slot games. The top video slots like Monopoly Big Event, Mega Joker have paid out millions of pounds and dollars to successful gamblers. You need to learn some rules in order to ace your online slot. Players also should pick slots having high RTP in order to win big.

  • Online gambling is fun, but please gamble responsibly.

RTP or Return to Player is how much a player can earn on a given slot machine. RTP is always expressed in percentage. A slot having 99% RTP can deliver more than one having 94% Return to Player. Gamblers should opt for slots having numerous special symbols. These are Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, etc. Special symbols provide more winning opportunities to players. Next, we turn our attention to Roulette. This interesting game is played on a revolving Roulette wheel that is divided into several numbered sections. The game begins by revolving this wheel and then dropping a ball upon it. Players now bet on the number on which the ball is likely to fall. If the bet comes true, the player wins his bet and also some money.

You can lay two kinds of bets- Inside and Outside. Inside bets have very low odds, but high payouts. For example, if you lay a bet on a single number, the associated payout is 16:1. This means for every dollar you bet, your return would be 16x. There are other payout ratios as well, such as 11:1, 9:1, etc. Now, let's look at Outside Bets. These have high odds but very low payouts. The maximum payout is in the ratio 2:1. Outside bets have high odds because they are laid on combinations of numbers. There are three kinds of Roulette- French, American and European. While all the versions are similar, their odds and payouts are somewhat different. Please continue reading.

This discussion would be incomplete without jackpots and progressive jackpots. A jackpot can be a slot-based game which has a fixed prize. When you win the game, you win this jackpot. However, most players try to win a slice of this jackpot because the odds of winning the whole prize are very low. In a progressive jackpot, the prize money keeps increasing with the addition of every new player to the tournament. Progressive jackpots, though attractive, are very difficult to win. Therefore, it's practical to try to win a slice of this prize money. Mega Moolah and Mega Joker are progressive jackpots, and each offers more than a million dollars as prize money. We hope you have learned enough about the most profitable online games.

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